Friday, August 08, 2008

I Wish

I had intarsed. . .

Blocking will take care of the slight "bubble" in the legs, but I genuinely hate the way the back looks.

The directions say to "use a separate ball or bobbin of yarn for each color section except where yarn can be carried over just a few stitches" (emphasis mine). Next time, I'll follow my gut!

I think I can get the front finished tonight (we'll be watching Netflixed Brooklyn South--an early Stephen Bochco series that lasted only one season.

Then I'll pick up the sleeves and start downward.

I think I might make a matching hat. It will just say grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! the whole way around!

I finished these cute little socks from Patons Pull Up Your Socks! booklet.

The apricot and hot pinque yarns are Passport Yarn Co. St Tropez (Michael's Stores brand no longer available ::sigh::); it's a nice soft blend of acrylic and nylon (75/25). The turquoise is a leftover bit from the lacy dress I showed you (July 21 entry).

These are for the fair, then they'll be my first pair for the January Heet the Feet Challenge for the reservation.

Note: Both pattern booklets are available at Elann.

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