Friday, August 01, 2008

Fifty-nine and Counting

When did this body get so old?

For some unknown reason, Blogger has decided that Sheep Shots is a spam blog. It is currently under review and you may (or possibly may not ever) see this post in the next few days.

Hmm. Nice birthday present!


Well, you are quite the spammer, with all the posts about mittens for the reservation, and socks for donations, and trying to get people to take notice of the world around you! Geez...what do you expect when you do things like that?

Happy birthday anyway! I enjoy your blog and don't think it is spam.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honey, I can't believe I just turned 50! I don't feel 50 (but then again, what is 50 supposed to feel like?) I keep thinking that I just got out of high school, that jeans are still $17 a pair, and that I can fill up my car for $3.00 a week. I'm always bewildered when things don't work out quite that way.

In any event, Happy Birthday! This is a huge birthday for you - I hope you have a wonderful day!
It did the same thing to me. Got the notification on the 25th, jumped through all their loops, and it was still locked yesterday morning and unlocked today.

What a pain....reminds of the crap Yahoo pulls which is why I switched to Google products and services.
Happy Birthday! I turned 59 in March. Am still a little anxious about this being the last year in my fifties! Enjoy!
Happy Birthday! Love the cupcake hat, too.
Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy Birth Month! Enjoy all things Fibery!
Happy Birthday!

Kathy, the frugal one.
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