Thursday, August 21, 2008

Charge to the Finish Line!

Yes! I did it!

Everything (all 27 knitted wonders) is finished.

There was a moment this morning as I was tagging and packing up that I thought I had missed an entry: dishcloth, knitted. Then I noticed that Mittens/gloves, child, knitted were also MIA, so I went back to the dungeon (the Other Half's ugly paneled office) where I have been stowing the goods and found both!

(Worse come to worse, I could have tossed together another dishcloth--mittens? not so much.)

Now for one last ditch effort: The tiny snow people won't stand on their own! Damned "bounce back" fibers! So I am jerry-rigging them. Long needle, through the head, down to the bottom, back up, tie a knot under the hat. Ouch!

And I am off to deliver them! With 32+ hours to spare!

Did you win the pool? I want my cut!



p.s. are you looking forward to next year?
Wow! 27 completed objects?? I'm amazed. Way to go!
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