Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Because You Asked

I'm still working on the blue and yellow babyghan, but it's reached an unwieldy size for stoplight car knitting, being big and sweaty-heavy and all, so I started the girl version (all pinks and purples with some minty green thrown in.

Thought I'd try a new configuration at the same time: 3 sides in the same color, then 3 again and again and so forth and so on. Also, dark to light to dark, alternating.

We will give it a fair trial. Then we might frog.

The Tiny Prince, No Longer of Wails, is a very happy baby.

He wants his fans to have the details on the blankie blitz for Cheyenne River Reservation.

Blankies really should be machine washable and (preferably) dryable as well. That means Yarn should be washable wool, a nice wool/ack blend (Encore, Decor, WoolEase, et al) or a nice ack. (For my money, Red Heart Classic and SuperSaver are both good ones! The softer ones don't seem to wear as well and I find them a bit pilly, but as I said, that's my opinion.)

We're shooting for January or so. Blankies can be mailed to the Reservation:

Cheyenne River Youth Project
P.O. Box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

where they will find a home and warm someone nicely, thankyouverymuch.

Colors? What ya gots? There are boys and girls and grown-ups and elders. Color is good. Neutral is good. Knit? Crochet? Sure! Quilt? Of course. Heck, you can even purchase 'em (I have already! Nice fleece ones in good lap robe sizes.)

But please, make it something you'd be proud to give to a face-to-face friend.

Since not everyone wants to make a whole entire blankie, there's also a squares option.

Squares: If you would like to knit or crochet up some squares, go on and do that little thing. Here's what's needed: squares, knit or crochet in the same types of yarns needed for the blankies, all colors in 9" size. If you like to work with baby shades, make those squares 4". (I dunno, that's what they said. And since I don't have to join them, 4" is just fine with me.)

Just a reminder: Squares are 4-sided figures with 4 equal sides.

Mail the finished squares to:

NAS Blanket Blitz
19510 Van Buren Blvd.F3-361
Riverside, Ca. 92508

by January 1, please. Joiners are standing by.

Edited to add: If you send squares because you Saw It Here, please add "Sheepshots" to your return address. Thnx.

Oh, and if you send more than "just a couple," if you can, please include a little postage cash to help get them on their way from CA to SD. (A dollar or two, por favor.)

And if you'd like me to post a photo (or do a linky thing to your blog), let me know!

Here's that address: And yes, that is a new address. And it's live! Right now. The old addy is going away soon. Very soon. (Would have gone away before I paid for this month ::mutters under breath:: if we'd been able to get the *&%$ thing working ::mutters::)

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Tiny Prince is just adorable!
How fast they grow, faster than a grandmother can knit!
The Prince of Wails is adorable!
Thanks for having something about the Cheyenne Blanket blitz. I never knew anything about it. I have a TON of yarn (ok, maybe not a ton, but the last time we weighed it, it was well over 50lbs)and I am always knitting (when not blogging or working) and I can send off some squares for the cause. Our group is always looking for places to share the love.

I'll put the pics up on my blog and link back to yours!!
What a punim!! He must be the cutest baby in the universe.
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