Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bakery Saturdays

I seem to be knitting food these days!

And how appropriate, since tomorrow is bakery day.

How to convince the Other Half that No Pastry is better than Bad Pastry?

The Danish we bought last week was Not Acceptable.

The bread was good, the blueberry pie was excellent. Both came from the Amish Bakery. The Danish, however, was "fresh from [fill in the name of the big city known for its eateries]." Nope. Not Acceptable.

Particulars on the hat? Vanna's Choice (pink) and some unknown ack (white and red). Pattern at Naked Sheep (a Google on 'cupcake hat' will get you there).

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That hat is TOO darn cute, woman! Geez, I might actually have to try one of those one of these days.

Have you figured out a way we could find someone to pay us to just stay home and knit?
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