Monday, July 07, 2008

A Squeeze of Lime

With a little math, I reverse engineered this:

from this photo.

If you want to make your own, buy the pattern. It is so worth it. I ripped and reknit 4 times before I was satisfied with the angles.

I like the straight lines on the original better than the spirals on mine. I could probably block them out, but then, I'd have a hexagon, not a circle.

I may try again--for an orange slice, or perhaps a lemon. I don't seem to have quite enough lime-color left. (Thank goodness for the scale. It has saved me more than once.)

The yarn? Some sort of cotton stuff (probably Tahki Cotton Classic) left over from another project and Sugar and Cream or Salt and Something. You know, the dishcloth stuff from the big box store. Both doubled. On size 9.

Do I need to say it's a pot holder?


What difficulty could a potholder present to you, such a seasoned knitter. I am leery to get the pattern because of your 4times frogging.Was it too thick, the one on line does not seam as thick as yours, what kind of yarn did they use? Thanks, Rita
I'm pretty confident that what Ann is saying is that she looked at a photo and then figured out how to make this without any pattern to follow. And discovered it wasn't as easy as it looked.

So she's suggesting if you want to make one, it would be smart to buy the pattern and follow it, in one of those "do as I suggest, not as I did" kinds of advisory comments.

It's really cute, though, Ann. How about some smaller ones, in thread, for coasters? No????

Debbie In/Nas
Debbie is correct.

Reverse engineering=look at the finished object ad figure it out.

I'm thinking multi-colored ones taht look like beach balls.
Would this work if you did it with short rows and then, once the circle was knit, pick up stitches around the edge and do a two-color border?
Oh ladies, I did not read it right, I thought Ann had the pattern and it was so difficult.....I am glad you set this right Debbie, thank yiu.
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