Monday, July 21, 2008

Proud As a Peacock

The Other Half voted for the little white lace collar (I wasn't so sure, and besides,the pattern called for it to be the same color).

He called it "icing."

He also said that this is a Princess Dress, the kind a little girl puts on and feels just like a princess. The man is a poet!

I always knew there was a reason I kept him around!

Here's a closeup of the "icing."

It's only 5 rows from cast on to cast off, and has the look of tatting.

And here's the lacy skirt. Looks like feather and fan, but isn't.

The waves are formed by two decrease rounds followed by a round of k1, yo.

There's a picot bind off at the scalloped hem edge.

And a picot edge on the sleeve.

Details, Details

Pattern: Mary Jane Dress from Rich Designs' Kids to Grown-Ups Seamless Sweaters

Yarn: Paton's Astra color 2746 (rich Peacock green/blue, if I had to give it a name) and Lion Brand Jamie Baby White, both 100% acrylic, both 6 st./in.

The pattern calls for 500 yards of DK weight cotton for the size 3 (23" finished chest). Weighing the remaining yarn tells me that the yardage is accurate.

I followed the directions for a "fuller skirt," but left off the ribbing at the faux waist. In my experience, most 3 year olds don't actually have a waist.

Today is my 4th blogiversary! Let the wild revels begin! Oh, it's Monday. And you know what that means!


Oh gosh now that is just adorable. It makes me wish I had a little one to knit for. *sigh*
Adorable dress.

And happy blogversary! Here's to many more!
Happy blogiversary! Love the little dress.
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