Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Further Adventures of Sparky, the Bob-tailed Wonder Cat

. . .Formerly Kitten

We have gone through "bladder issues" with our cat. A couple of years ago, she finally wound up having general anesthesia and a sterile urine sample removed during a pneumocystic scan (x-ray with the bladder blown up with air).

After all that, the culture was negative for bizarre bacteria. Four different types/rounds of antibiotics later, she appeared "cured."

We finally wound up keeping a Feliway plug-in running constantly in the house. There is some suspicion that part of her problem was stress. She was on an anti-depressant (Elavil) for years and had to come off cold turkey because of her thyroid (the two meds don't play nicely together).

The up side was that her belly fur is growing back in! (Side effect of the mood med was an itchy rash--poor baby was chewing herself raw!) (Digression: this is the second time in recent months that I have self-diagnosed a serious symptom just by reading the package insert. Is it too much to ask that medical personnel do the same? )

Sparky went to the vet this morning for her regular blood draw (now, we are trying to get her thyroid medication stabilized).

Here's what we do: Sparky gets her leash on (it's a figure 8 rabbit harness), then she starts howling. We hop in the car (okay, I hop, she clings and howls). I start the car and turn on the CD player REALLY LOUD. Then we sing along for the 15 minute ride (she's partial to Helen Reddy and Rod Stewart).

When she was finished with the 2 minute procedure, she walked from the door, down the walk, across the parking lot to our car, just like a well-behaved, trained kitty. On her leash.

(The techs in the vet's office are probably still laughing at that sight!)


Poor Sparky. She is a beautiful cat and I hope her health problems are resolved real soon. If the cat ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!
She'll walk on a leash? And you can get the blood drawn while she's awake? What a good cat! I assume you praise her for it :)

Perry Penelope (age 18.5 people years) has to be sedated for the blood draw - I've been using the topical medication for her thyroid problem for two years now. I wish I had paid the $ for the "seed" - radioactive implant to regulate the thyroid.

But for all the love they give, I'm pretty sure you'll agree, the medical costs are worth it.
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