Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feet Don't Desert me!

I looks as though someone stuck to the knitting and finished the pair of socks that have been OTN for months!

They fit. And they are cozy!

The yarn is merino and nylon and is very soft.

So, whadda ya think?

That makes 15 down and 12 to go. Currently, I have only one in process, so I need to cast on many more.

I think I'll start a baby sweater for an up and coming bambino, and maybe the beginning of a cushy snowman pillow.

Here's one last look before I pack them away.

Only 23 knitting days until I have to turn my stuff in! I'd better get cracking.

(Yes, my legs really are that white!)


Ann, based on skin tone, we're closely related!

ELizabeth D
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