Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Late, Dollar Short?

I know I promised pictures of knitting, and here they are (finally)!

I have had all of this On Line Linie 121 (Summertime) that I bought way back 15 months ago. (Yeh, 4 bags, bite me!) I've used a bit to make things for the Tiny Prince (frog suit, surplice sweater), but face it, 40X 135 meters is a heck of a lot of yarn!*

I figured that I would try it double-stranded and make a blankie for the rez, you know, the giant dishcloth one. That consumed considerable yardage.

Well, the fabric is so cushie and snuggly that I decided to make a

little sweater to go with the blankie. (Pattern is a very basic top-down raglan, seamless--pattern in a book I found remaindered at Ollie's--the Portable Crafter: Knitting by Leanne Bennet.)

That used up another couple of balls (3.5 oz. or so).

I found the perfect flat yellow buttons in the Button Stash and called it a finished baby set.

Then I realized that one of the possible fair categories is 3-piece Infant set, blanket, sweater and


And so, I cast on Tammy's In a Flap Cap. It doesn't require strings or ribbons to keep it on baby's head. The ears are covered. What more can you ask of a little hat?

I think the fabric is loose for my taste, but in person, it looks good and it, too, is nice and cushie.

Summertime knit fabric is very similar to French Terry. All cak, all the time.

*Even after all that, I still have more than 2 miles of the stuff left! I have a full bag of grenadine (orangy red), a nearly full bag (missing about 20 yards) of Marine (navy blue) and 6 balls of this yellow. I forsee a couple more blankies after the fair knitting is complete!

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Oooo, I think there is nothing more yummy than those granny dishcloth blankets. Somehow that garter stitch on the bias makes the most perfect blankie fabric for kids of all sizes. And now a fair entry complete, too! Good going, Ann.

Debbie /NAS
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