Friday, July 18, 2008

And Then All H*ll Broke Loose!

The sky was bright blue when out of nowhere. . .a giant clap of thunder broke the peace of Thursday afternoon.

That sent Sparky the Bob-tailed Wonder Cat under the bed. Then nothing, for several minutes, then the distant roll of thunder, and then. . .

Lightning, thunder and a driving rain so hard that we had to close all the windows, and then the lights went out.

Fortunately, dinner was nearly cooked and so, we didn't starve. And then, it was early to bed for the Other Half and me.

The fury of the storm made me wish there was room under that bed for two more!

Lights came back on at 1:15 this morning. Ask me how I know this.


Okay, how do you know this? (well you ASKED us to ask)
Hmm, could it have anything to do with everylight being left on, and the light and hum of sound when everything re-started?
Or still being awake because of nerves from the storm? Or the pets jumped on you?
I'm betting with picadrienne. Sometimes it's just the sound of the refrigerator coming on, but we always seem to miss one light or radio and get a rude (rather than reassuring) wake up.
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