Tuesday, June 03, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

A good night's sleep has been a pretty rare thing lately. I get up early (5 in the A), so I go to bed early (like 9 in the P). Often, I find myself waking at midnight, checking the clock, then rolling over and trying to get back to sleep (sometimes, for an hour or more).

So, when I actually feel really tired and ready to sleep and I am able to crawl into bed at a reasonable hour on a Monday night facing a long drive on Tuesday, I really don't want to hear clinking horse shoes and clinking Corona bottles until nigh onto midnight. Just saying.

This afternoon when I got back from said long drive, the a/c unit had been installed in the bedroom window. Apparently, the Other Half agreed.

And speaking of that drive, today, I saw something I have never seen before!

You know those weigh stations that are placed along the interstates? The ones that say "truckers must exit when lights are flashing?" Only they never are (flashing)? Well today, they were (flashing).

I looked up to see a trucker breeze right on by those flashing lights and thought to myself "except for you, buddy!" I wasn't the only one thinking that. Yep, state PO-leece. Right on his back bumper. [snicker]


Karma comes around rather quickly sometimes. I don't wish anyone a ticket, but once in awhile it is nice to see a flagrant disregard get its just reward.
WOW!!! Did you take a picture? I've never seen one of those things open -- we should contact Guiness World Records!
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