Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random spelling


AISLE (you walk down it, you shop in it)

ISLE (it's land surrounded by water)

IT'S (it is)

ITS (belongs to it)

THERE ( not here)

THEIR (belongs to them)

THEY'RE (they are)

YOUR (belongs to you)

YOU'RE (you are)

There is NO Apostrophe (') in HERS. Apostrophes denote missing letters (don't = do not--the apostrophe "stands in" for the missing 'o') or possession (Ann's=belonging to Ann). They are not used to denote plural!


Can you hear my head shaking in agreement?
Can you hear my head nodding in agreement?
You're not alone. See the May 19th entry:
Loud applause is heard in my house.
Add to the list:
were = past tense of "was"
wear = you do it with clothing
where = question of location
we're = we are
LOL!!! I love it. This is one of my pet peeves, also.
And while I'm at it,
Amen, sister!
Cheers to you! I went by an out-of-business store in my town, and the sign on the awning said "Award's by Champion." No wonder they closed! Bet they were responsible for all the misspelled trophies my kids got over the years. Or should I say, "year's" instead?
Yeah! A lurking team member of the grammar police. (There is an actual Internet group for that purpose - but, not being a member, I do not recall the exact name.)

The only justification I can think of for "her's" would be if it is similar to "it's".
That is, that "her's " would mean "her is".
Which is (or may not be) obviously incorrect.

There also is/was a fellow going around to correct the spelling on signs whenever he came across them - and photograph the before and after appearance on his blog.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
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