Thursday, June 19, 2008

On the Home Stretch, Sort Of

It is looking a whole lot like Bear Claw will be finished this weekend. And not a minute too soon.
At least this Garter Stitch Hell is somewhat interesting (unlike the Garter Stitch Car Knitting I have going right now--but that's blog fodder for another day). The change of color/change of direction thing that this pattern has going is a damned sight better than good old Granny's Favorite Dishcloth!

Not that there's anything wrong with Granny.

And since I was so close to the finish line, I couldn't help but cast on ::ta dah:: the Christmas Stocking, knit (Pine Trees and Cables from Creative Knitting November 2007).

I really wish that the pattern was charted (it's words), but I am soldiering on, one round at a time (12 finished--84 to go). There's an afterthought heel which I have yet to enter in the fair.

Lessons learned. (I like that in an entry!)

Has anyone besides me noticed how difficult red is to photograph?

Yes, that is Red Heart Classic. Why?

This week has been one constant "open mouth, insert foot," thus the disclaimers above re: garter stitch, granny, and Red Heart.


Can't wait to see the blanket all spread out. I love the bright colors of it.
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