Monday, June 23, 2008

Here's the Score

Mrs. Santa is sitting over there looking depressed and dejected because Mr. is no further along(just flat pieces) than he was in September. Patience, Sweetie!

The Christmas stocking is 40 rows (58.4%) to go (plus the toe and heel).

The Bear Claw blankie has 8 border rows and a bind off on one side plus 4 teeny, tiny corners and it's finished.

The Penny sock is in the same state as Mr.

The car blankie is fast approaching the center (where the rows start to get shorter). Okay, the truth. I will still be knitting this puppy when I have 6 grandchildren.

I need to work up at least 22 more ideas.

Or 32. Or even 40.

The painters started on the interior at work. It stinks and my eyes are all burny.

The exterior, however, looks wonderful. So clean. So new! First person to put his/her foot on the wall by the ashtray dies slowly, painfully.

Just saying!


Um, why do you have to think up another 40 projects?
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