Saturday, June 28, 2008

The FSM Has a Sense of Humor

Saturdays are for shopping at the farmers market (see many previous postings) and people watching. It never ceases to amaze the Other Half that people dress the way that they do.

Now, I will grant you that we don't get dressed "up" to shop. I was wearing a clean (but not pressed) pair of jeans. a polo shirt, and sandals. He had on khakis and clogs and a polo shirt. But my mercifullordinheavenabove, the outfits!

Of course, the woman we saw at The Tree on the way home. . .

I can only hope that she doesn't own a mirror, because if she does, she would have No Excuse At All. Clearly, this was the first time in years that she could get her Skinny Jeans zipped. Not muffin top. But the whole damned 3 dollar loaf (see photo--demitasse and sandwich cookies for scale)!

If your butt is still a size 22, it's not a good idea to squeeze it into size 12. Even if the zipper closes! (I would have Kineared, but I feared for my life.)

Moving right along.

Bear Claw is finished.

The particulars are posted way back this time last year. Yarn is Elann Sock It To Me! and Cervinia Calzetteria sock weight wool/nylon blend held double. All 4 colors are No Longer Available.

Size 5 and 8 needles. Finished size, about 40" square.

The original pattern also finishes to 40", but it calls for Koigu solids held single and size 0 and 2 needles. It also has 9 blocks.

And here's looking at: How to fix a mis-twist

Isolate the errant stitches.

I use 5" or 6" double-pointed sock needles in the same size as the piece is being knitted. The needle is shown here only for illustration purposes. There is no real reason to transfer the stitches to another needle at this point.

Note that I have isolated only one twist (4 stitches) of this 8 stitch cable.

Now, the scary part.

Pull the needle out of the stitches and frog the stitches down to the wrong-way twist. Remove the twisted row carefully, keeping the strands of yarn in order.

Correct the twist. I find it easier to use a short dpn than a long cable needle. (translate: I was too lazy to look for my short birdwing cable needle).

Re-knit each row using the strands of yarn that are being held at the back.

This can be a frustratingly slow process. If you discover the mis-twist sooner, rather than later, it may be less time-consuming to frog and reknit.

Next, I repeated the process on the other half of the cable.

Then I repeated again on the other cable. (Yes, there are two. Yes, I mis-twisted on both.)

I forged on and have added the contrasting yarn where the afterthought heel will go.

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I LOVE your Bear Claw! It came out just beautiful.
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