Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Finished Object and Bad Photos

After several minor issues were resolved, it was full speed ahead on the Christmas Stocking, knitted, and just a little while ago, I finished the last weaving in.

Of course, photo shoot turned into nightmare as I attempted to get a decent shot of bright (Jockey) red acrylic. It didn't work in front of the stash, nor on the rocker, nor hanging from my yarn drying hooks on the magnolia tree, nor on the grass.

Finally, a decent depiction on the throw pillow on the living room sofa. With major tweaking in the edit process.

If you click (and it works) you can make it big enough to see the XO cable and the pine tree motif. Maybe.

Here's my first afterthought heel.

Putting it right into the middle of the cable twist (per the pattern directions) was not the best idea in the world.

I have made afterthought thumbs, so I knew what to expect, but correcting the problems in the cable where I took out the contrast yarn proved to be "interesting" on the upside. (Think about removing a cast on edge and trying to frog from that end.) The untangling made for pretty slow going. Then I had to pick up stitches that I simply Could Not Find.

But it's done. And no turning back.

Here's how much yarn was left from a 100 gram skein. Three (3) grams. Of course, I have 4+ skeins left over on the shelf, but it felt good not to need to try to splice.


Pattern: Pine Trees and Cables Stocking from Creative Knitting (November 2007).

Yarn: Red Heart Classic (100% acrylic) Jockey Red ($1.59 at the hardware store--cheaper elsewhere--any elsewhere!)

Needles: Bryspun dpns, size 5

My opinion: Christmas stockings (assuming you celebrate) are a good way to learn the basics of sock knitting. Most patterns call for worsted weight yarn and bigger needles, so the knitting goes fast. Yet you get to practice all the same techniques: if you are a traditionalist, knitting in the round on double points (or circulars if you're more contemporary than I), turning a heel (magic, no matter what style heel you choose), capping off a toe, kitchenering.

And you only have to make one!

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The designs show (it did help that you told what they were). That's a big stocking!
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