Sunday, April 20, 2008

If It's a Girl

No, no, NO, NO!!

At least not right now!

The Tiny Prince's mommy's brother and his newish wife are expecting an addition to their household.

I look upon all new babies as an Opportunity To Knit since their tiny garments are so tiny and cute. And fast, let's not forget fast!)

And since we are in Fair Knitting Mode as well, I decided to (finally) attempt a Pi Shawl.

Baby-To-Be's Mom-To-Be is Continental (I don't know how she knits, or even if she knits, sillies! She's from the Continent.) and so I am looking on this as an Opportunity To Knit Tiny Things With a Flair (not that the Tiny Prince's things don't have flair, it's just, you know).

Break out the Pinguoin and Moda Dea and Anna!


But this Pi, thing, had given me all sorts of creative outlets.

And fits!

I have had a Pound of Love in a nice creamy color. Baby blankies need to be washable and puke proof.

I want a blankie that's lacy (okay, moose lacy, but nevertheless. . .) and about 40 inches across. Sixteen ounces. Should be plenty. Right?

But it has come down to some heavy duty geometry (Pie are round and such) and ratios and, well, capital M Math!

I have been weighingthe remaining yarn every couple rounds.

And with the center finished and just the edging to go, I have 3.15 ounces and I need 2.7.

Yes, indeed, I am going to make it with a couple yards to spare!

Here's the pattern for the outermost lacy ring. Fern stitch, it's called.

On 576 stitches, it's 48 repeats around. A knitter can get intimately acquainted with a lace pattern in 48 repeats!

I'll be selecting a border lace from one of my stitch dictionaries and knitting the border on.

Then to attempt blocking worsted weight acrylic lace.

I think I may have to be satisfied with flat.


I'm behind on reading Rabbitch's blog, so I just now found out about your call for mittens. Can you send me some info (deadline, quantity, where to send) please? I have several pairs of mittens clamoring to be donated somewhere, and your appeal was very, um, appealing. At least if it appeared on Rabbitch's blog, I know it's not a scam (see Mossy Cottage Knits Dulaan Project archives). But then, we all kind of know each other don't we?

Sweet Caroline
(sweetcaroline on
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