Saturday, April 19, 2008

Caturday Musings

It being Caturday and all, I had some quality time with Sparky the Bob-Tailed Wonder Cat, Formerly Kitten.

We went to see the vet this morning for a little blood work. Results are due Monday, but I think she's doing better.

Oh, you didn't know? Belly fur again (still). Steroids, antibiotics, and some new medicine for thyroid issues that are developing (we won't di$cu$$ the bill). Better is good.

Cultural Icons: Clearly, I am behind the times. I do not watch Project Runway, Survivor, or American Idol. But just in case you are wondering if Idol Gives Back is for real, I can tell you that at least from my standpoint, it certainly is!

Our Backpack Buddies, a program that gets food to kids in our area for the weekends, got one of those grants! So, yeh, they're real! If you contributed, thank you very much!

Election 2008, Primary Edition: This will be my 37th year voting (you can do the math). The 26th Amendment was ratified in 1971. So, yeh, I had to wait to be 21 and the following year, kids 4 years younger gained the right. Born too soon yet again. But I digress.

Tuesday is (finally) Primary Election Day here in Pennsylvania.

Call me undecided.

I have voted in more elections than I can count (including a school bond vote on the Saturday before Christmas--and don't think the opponents of the funding bill didn't think that one out). I cannot remember ever missing my opportunity to make myself heard! I read the Voters Guides; I pay attention to the issues.

So yes, it is very strange for me to get to 3 days before an election and still be undecided.

Here's the thing. Thirty-Seven Long Years and to finally have an opportunity to vote for a woman for the highest office in the land. Finally. Did I mention that it's been 37 years?

But then, we've (nearly) survived 8 years of Same Old, Same Old. Folks, we need a Change (capital C Change!) which leans me in another direction.

So, it's like this. I suspect I will get to the polls on Tuesday ( around 3:30, after work) and will stand there, finger poised, coin to flip firmly in my fist. No matter which way my finger drifts, it will be a historic moment.

May the dieties that protect us guide all of our fingers!


I'll be voting Tuesday also...
I was able to vote in 1969.

Please remember that having a vagina rather than a penis doesn't make one a better candidate. That would be the same (il)logic as voting for someone because of religion or national heritage, and we all know you're smarter than that.
Well, I think that our choices this election primary are a woman or a person of color speaks volumes. I suppose being a woman or a person of color doesn't make a better candidate, but who'da thunk, 37 years ago that we'd have this choice?
I feel like putting one of my mittnz on my hand and then just slapping at the touch screen. Whichever button registers as pushed, that's my vote. (Not my "choice," just my vote.)
I hear ya: I actually told Hillary (at a book signing) that I would work on her campaign if she ran, and now I'm an Obama supporter. She'd be better than Bush (and McCain) but I just think Obama is more ethical and what the country needs right now (hope!). It won't help women to have a woman elected who then is embroiled in scandals her whole presidency. In the end, the corporate money she accepts makes me too leery. Sorry.
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