Friday, March 21, 2008


Today (after work) I was at the grocery store shopping for a ham and 4 other things. While I was looking through the half-hams (unsliced, not dipped in pink goo, reasonably(?) unadulterated) I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

Right next to me, and between me and her mother (presumably) was a child. Not a small child. One aged somewhere around 10 years. With a toothpick. Presumably from a snacky thing off the deli counter (cheese or somesuch).

She was poking holes in the heavy plastic wrapper on one of the hams!

And I spoke up!

Me: Did you just poke that toothpick into that ham?

She: ::silence::

Me: You know that you are introducing bacteria into that food and someone could get sick from it!

She: ::silence::

Her mother: You know better than that!

And so, did her mother take the offended and offending ham and offer to pay for it by putting it her cart at least until I was out of sight?

Of course not!

So I picked up the ham myself and handed it to the person behind the deli counter and explained what happened.

Then I carefully checked my ham wrapper for poke marks.

(And people wonder why I buy my meat at the farmers' market!)

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I will be the first to say my kids are not angels. They are 'normal' kids. And, being normal kids, they know I would KILL them for such behavior.

There is a lack of accountability taking place that is really scary. My youngest just turned 11, so it is not all parents my age that are not making their kids accountable. And, I do put it on the parents, to be parents.
Too bad the deli worker didn't say, "And how would you like this sliced?" and make the woman buy it.
I just hope the deli worker didn't just re-package it. You make me think about the ham that I just bought. I don't buy any thing from the little bins--self serve.
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