Friday, March 28, 2008

Seriously Cute!

I was looking for a new hat pattern for The Tiny Prince of Wails.

Summer is coming, after all and he's going to need some sun protection until he grows a little more hair.

So I Googled: Sun Hat Infant Knit Pattern (or some semblance of that word group) and found this bit of adorableness (is that a word? It is now!)

I used less than 1 50 g. (108 yard) skein of Tahki Cotton Classic (I am seriously in lerve with this yarn) with a size 7 16" circ and dpns and find myself on a roll!

To block it, I hand washed in hot water which made the cotton s-t-r-e-t-c-h like crazy (as cotton is wont to do) so I patted it flat and left it on a towel to dry out a bit.

As soon as I was ready to fire up the dryer for a laundry load, I tossed the little hat in and I was rewarded with a nicely shrunk up hat with a cute rolling brim (not like the nice flat one on the pattern picture). I like it!

I gave about two minutes' thought to ironing it to flatten out that scallop and then decided that Momma is unlikely to do that. Good grief! Iron a baby hat? Are you out of your mind?

So, I can say (having done it myself) that it goes right from the washer to the dryer with no ill effect!

I love the little swirl on the top!

I did cast on another (different pattern) in a gift yarn. Finished the whole brim, too, then frogged it because 1) it was way too big and 2) I really didn't like it At All.

I think tomorrow, I might try out another pattern, this one from a Family Circle Easy Knitting (Spring/Summer 2001).

But first, this one will go in the mail so that the Tiny Prince won't catch a sunburn!


Adorable is definitely the right word! Oh, and by the way? I've finally started Mittnizing.
It's gorgeous! TPOW will be well-dressed, indeed.
This is exactly the pattern I needed -- wahoo!! I even have one silly skein of Cotton Classic in my stash.

It's a party.

And I even know of a summer baby on the way, so I've got an excuse to follow that link...sweet!
thank you for the link - just what I need for the Princess of Smiles!

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