Sunday, March 02, 2008

Keeping Me Honest Sunday

My pile of UFOs has grown exponentially over the past few weeks, so I am posting a photo in hopes that something will get finished. (Are there still Knitting Fairies out there?)

In no particular order (okay, starting a 9 o'cloc, sort of) moccasins, wrap sweater for The Tiny Prince, POCghan, Toe Jam sock , Bear Claw blankie, cotton sweater for Tiny Prince, odd balls to make sweater vest for Children in Common, Santa pair. Regular readers will recognize a couple of these projects. I am hanging my head.

But there is a FO to show:

First sweater of 2008 for Children in Common.

It's odd balls of girly colors of wool (Gjestal Naturgarn) that I dyed up a while back with Kool-Ade.

I know that the yarn was "almond" (a color so insipid that it begged for dyeing). I believe I used cherry and raspberry, but I could be way off base there.

The blue was a bit left over from a sweater I made a couple of years ago.

And here it is all spread out.

I really wish that I had noticed the diagonal before I started the yoke.

Steam-blocking helped some.

This one is about a size 4. CIC is collecting sweaters and vests in sizes 2 and 4 right now. It breaks my heart to think of little bitty kiddies (Tiny Prince size, no less) living in orphanages!

I'll be mailing this sweater and a "boy" one as soon as I finish the boy one. It's on the needles.

Red, shades of blue, little fishies, I think.

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Such a sweet little sweater. And yes, it's horrible that people who need clothing that small are living in orphanages. It breaks my heart and if I had time I'd knit for them.
I don't know how to e-mail you, but wondered if you are THE Ann Coulter from Midland, MI?
from person above
Are you from Midland, MI?
I think that we went to school together, your Mom & mine were in the same Nursing home together!
Cathie (Burdick) Underwood
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