Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Was a Meanie

to a greenie.

I answered the phone during dinner tonight (I know, I know). The person on the other end asked to speak to the Other Half.

In my nicest and politest (really) voice, I asked, "Whom shall I say is calling?" (Yes, I really said "whom," I think.)

To which the voice on the other end replied, "This is XXX, calling from YYY, an environmental cause he supports."

(Well, see, there's the thing. The Other Half doesn't write checks. Okay, he wrote one to the oral surgeon 3 years ago when he had that root canal, but other than that, not so much. And yes, I recognized the name of the organization, because, erm, I wrote the check.)

So I said, still being polite, "This household is on the national Do Not Call registry, and I know that you are exempt from that, being a charity, but we still don't want to get these kinds of calls, and I'm going to hang up now."

And I did.

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Erm, that's what you call being mean? You should hear what we do to those kinds of callers!
Sounds polite to me. Much nicer than I am.

I get REAL annoyed when I contribute to a cause and they put my husbands name on it. It happens more often than not. I have to really like a charity to ever donate again after they do that.

Let them try to get some money out of him if that's who they want to deal with. It's been so long since he wrote a check I'm not sure he remembers how.
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