Monday, February 04, 2008

You Make My Day

I read lots of blogs. I follow links in emails (from my lists) and from other people's blogs. Sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised and add the blog to my favorites. Other times, I look at the purty pictures, but don't bookmark.

There are some well-known blogs I read (Harlot, Wendy, for example) that I will not list here. You folks already know who they are and how to find them. instead, I will list some of the lesser known "daily reads," and some of the "check in once a week or so" blogs.

Okay Amy and Lizzy,, here's the list of blogs I try to read daily*:

Rabbitch who is my friend and who can be counted on for something snarky, creative, or sarcastic most days.

Franklin whose cartoons make me giggle, inspire me to greatness, and hold my cup of tea.

Lolcats which is always good for a LOL! (Go on, admit you love it too!)

Gladys Quimby has good photos and inciteful plays on words.

Nicole's political commentary is usually spot on. She sews and she rows. What more could you want?

Steph is smart and interesting, and a freakin' AWARD WINNER! Yay, Steph!

Mariella is one of the other folks who knits for Cheyenne River. Pop over and look at her sockies!
Laurel aka Crazy Cat Lady, Lady Builder of great things, and a hellofa knitter to boot!

Bill White, the other guy on the list. He's local to me and writes his opinions in the Morning Call on the days he doesn't blog. (Like old movies? Check out Bill's Blog!)

All the others (it's a long list).

*Besides Lizzy and Amy
Great list, Ann. I picked up a few more blogs to read. Like I need to use my time on line instead of clickin' the needles!

What did we do before computers?
What happened to our "Make My Day" award image?
Okay, so I had to pop over to Amy's and grab it :)
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