Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who Ordered This Weather?

The East Coast (or at least the part where I live) was under Winter Weather advisory yesterday. I knew this because it took me twice as long to get home as usual. Schools across the region had early dismissal. It was a nightmarish evening.

So what was Weatherbug's encore?

How about a flood advisory?

My workplace is low-lying. Okay, my workplace is in a flood plain. We have creeks on each side of the building which makes in idyllic in the spring and summer, what with all the wildlife (the Attack Geese, for example), but not so much during downpours and hurricanes and such.

I am back home after 2 hours on the road. (It's a 17 mile drive each way. Normally takes 25-30 minutes.)

Drove to work at 6 over icy roads, dodging tree branches that fell because of the overnight ice.

The access road to our access road's access road was blockaded by the police (that usually indicates high water), so I pulled over and called my boss to tell him, then turned around to head home.

By the time I passed the blockade again, it had been removed and the road was open, so I drove in the last 1/2 mile.

There was a tractor trailer stopped on our entrance ramp, and my operations manager was there, talking to the driver and the guy that plows our lot.

Clearly, it was a matter of a few minutes before the culvert overspilled its banks and our lot would be under water. Drat! Had to come back home, though I'd have paid big bucks to stay watch the truck driver navigate the uphill side of the ramp. :snicker: I wonder if there's a video.

Sadly, my noon meeting (off-site) is still on, probably.


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