Monday, February 11, 2008

Out and About

The Tiny Prince took a little dinner out with Mom, Grandma, and some friends the other night.

He was fetching in his green and eggplant sweater (with mouse button) made by Mammo (that would be moi).

Judging from the background, it was the Mexican place with the sombreros, not the hummus place where the birthday song has a cha cha beat and there are flashing strobe lights. The Tiny Prince is all about strobe lights!

I guess a fellow can't have everything.

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He sure is sweet! The mama in me worries that he needs to eat more, but I don't know (or remember if you told us) what he weighed at birth. But he reminds me of my older daughter, who wasn't getting enough nutrition from breast feeding and needed a bottle. I sure hope the TPoW is doing well!
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