Monday, February 18, 2008

Not Much To See

Today marks the second 3-day weekend of 2008. What did I do with my day? I ironed [!] I cleaned the bathroon [!] I scrubbed cat puke off the (very porous) cement basement floor [!]
It's all excitement all the time here at Casa Sheepie!
And I packed up these beauties to mail off to the Tiny Prince and his mom.
On the left is a basic beanie (cast on 72 stitches) in 2X2 ribbing. I decided to finish off the top thus: Continue knitting in pattern except that I decreased 1 stitch at 6 points EOR by k 2 tog. It made for an interesting top "star" and unfortunately, the photos I took were too blurry to show it. The ending off was pointier than I would like for a beanie, so I added the top knot. Yarn is the very last of some ancient superwash (Knitaly) that predates the current ubiquitous mooshy superwash.
The other two are basic bulky roll brims. I followed Kim Salazar's 42-stitch hat pattern except that I cast on 48 stitches for Mom and 36 stitches for the Tiny Prince. The yarn is LB Landscapes (50/50 wool/ack) in a color called Deep Sea. Two balls was enough for both with a little bit (3 yards?) left over.
Tomorrow, we go Back To Work. I am so excited! ::not::

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The hats came out great! That really is a lovely green, and the Landscaapes is very colorful and cheery.
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