Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Setpoint

In my mind, I have forever had a weight Above Which I Will Never Weigh.

On January 1, 2008, I woke to find myself 4.8 pounds over that number. Naked. After peeing.

I was shocked. Appalled. And depressed.

And I swore that I would get down below that number pronto.

It took nearly a month. But I fell below that number about a week and a half ago (my digital scale was at home so the exact moment is unknown). When I got home from visiting the Tiny Prince and His Mom, I was pleased to find myself back on This Side of That Number. So pleased, in fact, that I set myself a weight Above Which I Will Never Weigh that is 5 pounds lower than the original number, vowed to get below it and never stray above again. Ever.

This morning, I was .2 pound below it! I'm stoked!

Here are pictures of the cat mentioned in yesterday's post. She decided to cooperate this morning.

Sparky's not a yarny sort of cat. But she has latched onto this piece of white acrylic yarn and made it her own.

Do not touch the yarn tangle!

(Photos judiciously cropped to eliminate the bare belly of the cat.)

I think it's Red Heart. Sparky's a cheap date.

Tip I'd like to share: When gathering the final stitches of a sock, slipper, or hat, use a darning egg (or suitable substitute like a light bulb) to firm up the knitting.

You will get a much nicer finish. I don''t remember where I saw this tip, but I'm happy I "discovered" it!

Note to Amy and Lizzy: I am not ignoring your very kind nomination of this blog as a "You Make My Day" site.

I have a short list of blogs (many already nominated by others) that I read every day, and a much longer list that I try to check in on weekly.

I promise to play.

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Wow, good for you about losing the weight, AND getting below your new setpoint! Once again, you inspire me.
Congrats on the weight thing...and I know you'll play fair! :)))))
Speaking of 'weighty' issues--next HS class reunion, maybe we could host it poolside, and everyone could be in swim suits!
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