Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood?

Using the same pattern as the little green and eggplant sweater (but at a slightly larger gauge) I present the latest sweater for the Tiny Prince.

Regular readers will recognize "Tommy," who has been with me a good long time (oh, about 50 years) and will notice that he's no longer able to serve as model for the Tiny Prince's new sweaters.
The sweater is from Knitting Pure and Simple (and I'm too lazy to link). You can Google it if you don't already have the site bookmarked.

The pattern is free. The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I used about 1.5 balls of (discontinued) Cherry Red (about 300 yards).

Expect to see most of the TP's stuff on hangers from here on out.

The buttons are tiny clocks (embiggen by clicking, you might be able to tell).

I didn't make button holes (next time), but rather crocheted loops to go around the buttons.

Heet the Feet 2008 is fast drawing to a close.

Are you entering People's Choice?

If you are, send a photo of your "best" slippers, socks, or booties to me: . Be sure to get your stuff in the mail by Friday, February 29.

On or about March 1, I will post the photos and call for a vote. Prizes (besides chocolate) include yarn, patterns, and a book.

Here are the socks and slippers I bought for Heet the Feet.

I mailed them today along with some hot chocolate mix (heet the tummy), a couple of Care Bears (heat the heart) and some nice foot lotion (soften and sweeten the feet).

Here's Sparky picking out her favorite pair of Feet Heeters from the ones I made.

These were mailed today, too.

Here's the address:

Cheyenne River Youth Project
P.O. Box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

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Love the red sweater for the TPoW! He will look quite dashing in it, I am sure. Those clock buttons are awfully cute, too.

Can't remember if I sent you a photo of any of my feet heeters... Well done to you on your two boxes.
Sweater is so cute! How long did it take you to make it?

Did you get the link to my pic of my HtF entry?
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