Friday, February 15, 2008


After seeing the Harlot's socks (revenge), I thought I'd make myself a pair. (A girl can never have too many socks!)

Besides, I had mine (eyes left) before she did (I'm pretty sure) and it certainly has had time to age!

So I put that skein of wooly goodness onto my swift and balled it right on up!

Where, you ask, did this bit of wonderfulness come from?

Why, RabbitWorks , of course!

Janice dyed this colorway up special, after Penny's passing.

The colors are pure tortie. I plan to start my socks this weekend. Stay tuned!

And in Knitting Knews, here's the latest for The Tiny Prince of Wails. Yes, it really is a knitted donut.

According to the development charts, he should soon be reaching and grasping and holding.

What better thing to hold than a donut?

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That doughnut is amazing. I didn't realize it was knitted until I read where you wrote that.
Love that yarn! That Rabbitch sure is talented. And the donut is just too cute! I was thinking of making one to use as a pincushion.
That donut is so cute! Someone one knitlist or knitalk asked today what one does with a knitting donut. Sit on it?

That yarn is gorgeous and I have a tortie....
Knitted donut?! I'm all over it!
NOM NOM NOM..... Looks yummy Ann!
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