Sunday, December 02, 2007

What Would You Do?

I managed to finish one of the Dreaded Christmas Projects yesterday, gave it a nice bath and block, sewed on the buttons and here it is. It (and some other stuff, including a couple of vintage Vogues) will be going in the mail this week.

(In the background, you can see my interpretation of Franklin's snow hat. The colored yarn (that I carefully dyed a while back) bled into the white, so the baby doll gets it and the Baby Doll will get a different hat.)

With one present down (or two if you count the hat that needs to be reknit) and three (or two, depending on how you are counting) to go. . .

I cast on another hat that wasn't even in the queue!

This is for NOLA, and will be sent with 2 others, in memory of Aunt Gail McHugh.

The yarn for all three came from my Second Chance Shoppe haul of last weekend.

I'm putting it to good use. Car Knitting!

Lest you think that I have given up on the other projects, yarn is chosen for the ______ (it's the other purple) and thanks to Rabbitch, I am moving right along on the black cabled scarf for ___________. She suggested Palindrome, and I am now 13" in to it! (That's 1/4+ for those of you who are keeping track.)

I've also added another very tiny project to the queue. What would the holidays be without stress?

That we bring on ourselves. In the name of Holiday Spirit?

And Sparky would like everyone to know that she has paws crossed for a special friend.

You could cross something to, if you would. (It's someone you know.)

(She's doing the best that she can!)


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