Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sock It To Me

They're little. They're wooly.

They're wet as all get out! (Okay, they're merely damp.)

And I will mail them before the weekend (sooner if they dry fast!).

The folks from Children In Common rose so beautifully to my Mittnz Challenge this past summer (and there will be another come 2008, rest assured!) that I could only repay the favor by knitting for their current challenge, to provide 200 pairs of socks in little sizes for the little guys in orphanages in the former Soviet Union.

I promised 2 pairs, and I will deliver! Yea!

Particulars: Multi-colored pair are made of Plymouth Outback Wool (long discontinued and properly aged). The color is Coral Reef. Yeh, I can see that! The pattern is Cottage Creations' Iowa Crew/Cruise Socks in the smallest size.

Red socks are Reynolds Candide that I bought over 30 years ago. I stashed this stuff, finally found a suitable sweater pattern, knit it up, wear it frequently, and re-stashed the leftovers.

Some found their way into the yoke of an EZ percentage sweater which I also wear frequently. The rest (or at least some of it) has now made its way into these little socks. Magic 28 is the pattern.

There will be more on the gloriousness of the Holiday, but it isn't over yet at our house.

Stay tuned for Round 2!

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Wait, you mean you have two sweaters that you knit for... yourself? ;-)
Yeah, isn't knitting for yourself illegal or something?
Yeah, love those Magic 28s!

Knitting for yourself? I'm jealous! :^)
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