Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing Out the Old

The projects are tallied and it's official! This was a banner year for yarn useage (even if the yarn tally over there ===> doesn't reflect it.)

In 2007, I completed 245 projects (many were quite small), and knit up 27.77 miles of yarn (46.92 pounds of the fuzzy stuff!) which is the equivalent of 429 50 gram balls! Wow!

Here's what all that yarnie goodness became:
1 adult sweater
54 hats
4 scarves
6 baby hats
3 afghans
23 children's sweaters
8 pairs of booties and children's socks
1 shawl
57 face/discloths
14 pairs of mittens
2 Christmas stockings
37 afghan squares
12 toys
1 teddy bear sweater
1 baby dress
3 Christmas decorations
2 egg cozies
2 purses
2 dog/cat sweaters
1 cat mat


I think I'll go to bed now.

You wanna see pictures? Scroll through the old posts!

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Congrats! I hope my 2008 knitting year is as productive as your 2007!

Wow! Your accomplishments really put mine in the shade. Maybe my resolution should be to aspire to the greatness you have already achieved!
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