Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh Gawd, Is It Friday Yet?

It has been one really long week (and it's only Thursday)!

There is the angst of Christmas gifting that has me in knots! The stuff I ordered from ::insert name of huge on-line and catalog retailer now in bed with Sears:: was shipped on the 13 and is not here yet.

So I called and discovered that had I ordered over the phone, "standard shipping" would have been via UPS. Since I ordered on-line (the only way I could use the on-line coupon they sent to my e-box), "standard shipping" now defaulted to USPS.

And so, when I called to ask where the heck my package is, I got a customer service person who told me that "a lot of people" have commented on that damned default and, no, that's just the way it is.


In fairness, she did ask if I wanted a replacement order overnighted to me.

No thanks, we're all adults here. We don't get upset about trivialities like that! Especially not since real Issues of Magnitude loom heavy.

1) Tomorrow is the last day for my "front desk." A temp starts Wednesday. We will be just fine. I hope.

B) Someone might have quit today. I'm not really sure.

III) It's almost Christmas and my house is a sty. A literal wallow.

d) There's probably more.

Oh, yeh, the re-knit sweater is not goingto be completed in time for the Solstice (tomorrow for those of you not celebrating).

Two sleeves are knat to the pit. There's about 4" finished of the lower body.

Nope. Not going to make it.

Echo the part about adults back at me, 'k, because I'm not so sure that all of us are. I mean, I know I am, it's the others I'm not so sure about.

Of course, if I'd put aside the cute little things (this is my second pair of Children In Common socks), I'd be getting a lot closer to the Finish Line on the re-knit.

But what fun is that? Aren't tiny red socks just the cutest thing?

You know, the package will probably arrive tomorrow. And the mailman letter carrier will probably leave me a nasty-gram about how there' s ice on my sidewalk. It'll be just like last year!

We are all adults here. Except for Rowan, who won't have a clue until at least 2009. Which is probably a very good thing!

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If we had a house sty contest mine would surely beat yours. I'm going to spend all day today cleaning just so I can get one thing done. Well I will as soon as I get off the computer .... yup gotta get off .... ok maybe after just one more blog.

Happy holidays!

Thank you for your support of CIC.

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