Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Resolve

Last year I resolved to:

*Lose 15 pounds. Didn't happen.

*Get more exercise. Ditto.

*Eat better. Double ditto! In fact, my cholesterol, which was under control in February, was Way Out Of Control by October. What's up with that?

*Entrelac! Also didn't happen. Though, I think my next scrapghan, I might give it a try.

*Use up stash! One in, two out! Happened in a half-assed manner. I have reduced the stash, somewhat, but nowhere near the level that this year's FOs would indicate! Clearly, my heart wasn't in it. Updated stash report will be up on the sidebar on January 5.

*Explore spinning, dammit! Spinning remains no more "explored" than it was a year ago. This bothers me, but not enough for me to actually do anything about it.

*Comment more. Yep. That one I managed. Rather than just passively reading blogs and lists, I have been interjecting comments, thoughts, and suggestions. I hope they are helpful to someone.

14% of the 2007 resolutions fulfilled. Not such a good effort, was it?

I think I'll just do a repeat performance in 2008.

And sliding into the new year, does anyone actually push to finish or frog partly finished projects on December 31? I tried this a couple of years ago and settled on frogging only those that I really had come to hate. It's only fair--to me and the yarn.

Speaking of finishing (and we were, I believe), I have finished the reknit sweater. Fifteen days! I am really impressed with myself! It would have been less, but I started per the pattern--knit flat and seam--and about 14" into the front (I started with the front), I decided to start over in the round.

Good decision!

The decreases are strange. They involve a cable needle (I chose not to use one, but followed the technique, essentially, placing one stitch on the CN, holding it in front, knitting the next two stitches together, then knitting the held stitch (reverse shaping on the other seam).

Here's the finished sweater on the intended body recipient. It fits well.

The yarn needs a serious wash and block! And it got one (in the washer, then on the pool table). It should be dry and ready for its maiden voyage on Wednesday.

The cables start 10" into the knitting and run up the sleeves and the center of the front. The back is stockinette stitch.

Pattern is #30 Vogue Knitting International Special 2002 "Men." Yarn is an unknown recycled tweedy wool.

Here's a closeup of the fabric.

Color is close. Sort of a steel-cut oats tweed with flecks of black, cream, dark brown, gray-blue.

The cable was an ordinary 3X3 crossed right, flanked by 2 reverse stockinete stitches. Nothing unusual.

The first run-through, I followed the pattern directions for the neck ribbing. The Other Half found it too high, so I set the sweater aside (on my desk chair) for Sunday morning rework.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it had been coopted.

Imagine that I wasn't the slightest bit surprised. Sparky has good taste!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Annual Finished Object list, the reciting of the Resolutions for 2008, the periodic whining about the weather (it's snowing here in eastern PA), and all the other features you have come to know and love here at Sheep Shots.

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Ann, you did a great job on the sweater. And managing to keep 14% of your reolutions is amazing. I usually can't even remember what mine are.

Debbie in SF Bay Area
Resolutions? What are those !HaHa!
Sweater's great!

I decided to start commenting more today. Then I got shut down with a message of "you have posted too many comments in a short period of time. Try again later."

No good deed....
I think the sweater looks fabulous, Ann. As for resolutions, take care of the ones that lead toward good health (of all kinds) and the rest are just details.

Question: what was the name of that movie you recommended earlier in the year, with Sally Field playing as a dying mom and her 3 kids come home to care for her? Loved that and want to recommend it to someone else, but I can't remember what it was. Thanks.

Debbie in Indiana +NAS member
Any year we are above ground can be counted as a success. Knitting, stash usage, new skills acquired -- that's all gravy.

Have a great 2008!
The sweater looks gorgeous! As for the resolutions, I think you started out with too many. I have only one for 2008, and I've been practicing on it for the past week. It might actually work.

I *did* push to finish a couple of projects before midnight tonight. And I *did* frog a couple of projects I knew had no future. Does that, combined with the above, make me organized, weird, or anal? You be the judge.

Hope 2008 brings good health and lots of happiness for you and your loved ones.
I really like this sweater for colour, texture and design.
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