Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Get In the Holiday Spirit!

Looking for a good deed to put you in the Christmas mood?

What are those two festive beanies, you ask? Car knitting! (Cast on, knit in the round, mindless, stopped at traffic signals and in the Christmas rush traffic by Tar-jay car knitting. Tis the season to be stuck in traffic. Turn that angst into something wonderful!)

Here's the poop (straight from Dez Crawford):

"Please don't let the current unseasonably warm spell in the Southeast deter you from donating warm caps and scarves to Covenant House in New Orleans. No matter what the temporary flux in the weather may be, we still have chilly, rainy, January and February to get through -- no fun for a kid living on the street.

"This is why small, warm accessories are so important. A street kid can tuck their scarf or hat into their jacket or in their bag when it's not in use, and when it does get cold, a cap and a scarf go a long way for extra warmth.

"Remember that winter in the Deep South is schizophrenic -- warm for a couple of days and then, for the next few days, the pipes are freezing. This is one reason that low-income kids often lack proper winter wear -- because cold spells are intermittent, their parents try to "make do" with multiple layers of sweatshirts, etc. on freezing or sleeting days.

"Homeless kids have even fewer clothing options. Normally it's in the mid-to-high sixties for daytime highs this time of year. I can't ever remember having a warm, muggy spell of this nature, so late in the year. So keep those hats and scarves coming and let's try to make that goal in memory of Gail (ed. McHugh--Aunt Gail from KnitU who died suddenly and unexpectedly last month).

For the mailing address and other donation details on Covenant House, please visit Dez at her blog. (Linky thing above)

If you are so inclined, store-bought new socks and undies in boy and girl sizes and shapes are also needed. If your knitting time is limited, those by themselves--and/or a warm sweatshirt--would be welcome.

Do it!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Warm, washable, dark colors, mitts, hats, scarves. (And don't forget the undies and socks.)


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