Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kicking my Butt

Remember the ball of Brown Sheep black (Pepper) yarn in Wednesday's post?

Well, it's a bitch Spawn of Satan of a ball of yarn! And so is it's brother/sister/mother/father (the second one I pulled from the bin).

And the pattern's not any better.

Mind you, I have knit this pattern before. In gray. Two Christmases ago. But gremlins are at work.

Rabbitch has had some issues with it. I have now cast on 3 times. It. Will. Not. Defeat. Me. Or something. (I have several other perfectly good patterns that I can use instead and _______ being none the wiser will never know! So there!

Oh, and did I mention that there is no center pull in one of the balls? Yes, following a terminal case of yarn blarf, I am re-rolling this 200 yard ball from the outside, weaving over, under, around and through the mass of blarfed yarn that came from both ends of the middle (yarn flu?). I am Definitely Not Having Fun.

And the other ball? The one I was actually able to cast on from (all three times) has masses of blarf itself, but at least they aren't tangled.

Move along. There is nothing to see. There are no pictures.


Ann, this is all way too cryptic for me!! But I'm heading off to wind some yarn into balls, and it better not have been talking to your yarn. . .
I dislike that pattern, yes. Palindrome is way betterer.
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