Monday, December 17, 2007

Did I Say Something About Color?

Was there a yarn diet? My friend Mary was clearing out her yarn stash and sent me this huge honkin' box of stuff. I am overwhelmed and honored!

I lost count at 50. (Not true, there are 78.)

Can you see the mittens and hats!? And baby sweaters and such? All for NOLA and the Reservation and other causes as arise. Most of it is machine wash and dry, so perfect for the causes I knit for.

Mary, you're the best!


Good Grief! What a Christmas present! And not only the Rez, but also for the fair! Wow!
Ann -

You are so welcome. I know all of the yarn will go to good use!
Holy camoley!
Woohoo, YUMMY! So Ann, how ya gonna handle that hunter's orange? And the fun pink? Believe it or not, if you alternate stitches or rounds of that orange and pink, and throw in some bright yellow here and there, it becomes something a lot more fun that you'd imagine. I've got a couple skeins of that orange too, so if you've got other good ideas for it, please let us know!
Mary, what a nice gift you sent!
Debbie / NAS

Do you know how jealous I am?

Debbie in SF Bay Area
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