Wednesday, November 28, 2007

X-Moose Is Coming Part 2*

I have casted on the _______ for _______ in a yummy yarn leftover from ________ that I made several years ago for __________. Admittedly, this was destined to be a different gift for _______, but I screwed up somewhere and wound up frogging.

I have plans to cast on ________ in that ____ yarn for ________. I hope I can finish in time.

And that _________? Well, that's going to be ________ for ________.

Once I cast on a little something for Rowan, I will post it and progress pix, because I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog (yet).

And yes, those are Franklin sheeps cheering me on. They know I. Can. Do. It.

Yay! Me!

* With apologies to Habit (11/14 and 28) and Harlot who are also in the Throes of X-moose Knitting.


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