Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Today I: got up at 3:30 EST to drive to work to check on a "motion alarm." Mark went back to bed (he wouldn't let me go alone!) but I stayed up, so I am working on my last bit of energy at this point. Three hours' sleep is not enough! But if I nap, I won't sleep tonight.

Then, we had breakfast and went to BJ's (Costco-type) and got light bulbs and cheese. From there we went to Ollie's (sort of a downscale K-mart clearance center-type place. I found nothing.

Yesterday, I took the 28 year old homeowner son furniture shopping and had him beg for an opportunity to shop at the Store of Mom for a baby gift for a friend, Unfortunately, I had nothing in "boy" colors, so I am making a tiny ear-flap cap and mittens in stripes of colors no troop would wear (cornflower, lime and goldenrod). Just the ticket!

I also put away the laundry and ironed 5 shirts.

Now, I am waiting for the leftover spaghetti to heat up so we can have dinner. I think I will be in bed by 6.
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