Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scraps and Such

Today we made our regular trip to the Second Chance Shoppe, where they are always happy to see me because I come bearing bags for the bag sale ($4 for all you can stuff in a grocery bag!)

I encountered a bunch of yarn. Nothing special about it. All acrylic. Mostly baby pastels and worsted weight, but I snapped it all up.

When I brought it home, I went through and tossed the real scraps. (Who saves and donates 6" pieces of yarn?) Then I rewound the golf ball size (and hardness) balls into loose, center pull balls. I got my money's worth.

Okay. Those of you who have heard me say that I am planning to switch to washable wool and snub the ack, even for charity knitting are laughing and saying, "I told you so," but I am Not Listening. It was a bargain. La-la-la-la.

Yesterday, we made a trip to my closest LYS, Tucker's. I swear that they have never gotten rid of anything in all the years they've been open! I found yarn from mills that went out of business more than 20 years ago!

I found 13 balls of Sugar and Cream 100% wool (!) in a lovely hunter green that will become a sweater for the Older Kid. It replaces one he's had for a long time that is officially Beyond Further Repair. ::sigh::

And I bought Canadiana to make a Christmas stocking (family pattern) for the newest member of the family.

I've made this stocking 5 times already. This is Number 6. The first one was for Baby Rowan's dad's first Christmas.

This is the first time I am freelancing and knitting it in the round.

Pattern is from McCall's Christmas Make-It Ideas 1975. The Older Kid used the pattern to practice his scissor skils at some point. Fortunately, all the pieces survived.

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I keep making that same resolution about switching from acrylic to washable wool for charity projects. Hasn't happened yet but I feel myself getting closer...
You have the patience of a SAINT for dealing with that box of scraps, woman!

However, the family pattern for the Christmas stocking is loverly; makes me wonder if I actually HAVE McCalls Needlework holiday editions back that far. Some patterns are just classics, and your newest addition will treasure it always (especially if you "happen" to make it longer than anyone else's in the family, so he has more room for "goodies")!
That's a lovely tradition with the stocking.

And I understand completely about the ack. Won't stop me taunting you, but I understand.
Scraps are so much fun. You never know what you will find.
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