Thursday, November 08, 2007

No, Really, Thank *YOU*

My good friend Rabbitch is working on her spinning and dyeing and entrepreneurial (is that spelled right?) skills and has herself a nice business on the side (as if she wasn't already working hard enough, but nevermind).

Today, I got this lovely skein of yarn in the mail from the on-line store that's carrying her limited editions. It's her famous Toe Jam Sock Yarn in a colorway that she named Penny after You-Know-Who.

I know that it will make a lovely pair of socks (there's 440 yards! More than enough), but for the mo, I think I'll just keep it here by my side where I can pet it.

There was another package, too. My friend Lolly-Of-the-Private-Blog asked me if I'd be interedsted in some Merino/Cashmere blend that she had kicking around. (Lolly knows that I knit wooly things for Kids In Cold Places.) You bet I would!

She sent me these two cones of English wooly stuff. It's begging to be dyed wonderful colors (remember all the egg dye I bought on clearance!?) and made into something warm.

I can't wait!

What a great Mail Day! Yarn diet be damned!


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