Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mere Coincidence?

What do whales and sock yarn have in common?

Whaling season in the southern oceans is about to begin. In case the news has been quiet in your part of the world, the Japanese have increased their quotas this year, just as numbers are starting to improve. The claim that I heard is that "scientists want to kill and study" these whales including mature humpbacks. Um, most scientists don't kill to study these days!

At this time, with whales still at low numbers, it is inappropriate for any killing to take place. Maybe in time, there might again be enough whales that culling may be acceptable, but not now.
Please sign the petition here; let's show the world that this it isn't just the Australians being parochial.

And the sock yarn?

Why, you ask, am I putting perfectly good sock yarn on my swift?

It all started on Saturday. The Other Half bought a ginger ale from the vending machine at our hotel. Two Bucks! for 20 ounces! (I'm not amused! That would be 10 cents an ounce. You can get a two liter bottle for less at the Giant down the road. But I digress.)

Sunday, we are packing to leave when I notice that there's still 2/3 of the ginger ale in the bottle.

Being frugal by nature, I grab it (and the "free" bottled water that comes with the room) for the trip home and throw them in my knitting bag.

Stop at the CVS for some diapers (hey, when a baby comes early, all the needed supplies might not be at the house yet), reach in my bag and come up wet. Very wet. Sticky wet.

Please tell me why someone who drank only a couple of ounces from the very expensive overpriced bottle of ginger ale didn't put the %&$@$ cap back on tight!

(Then explain why I didn't think to check.)

So, all of the yarn in the bag (3 of sock, 4 of baby cotton, 2 of ack) are taking a bath. And hanging out in the shower to dry. The under construction hat and sweater will get their bath when I cast off.

And that, dear reader, is what whales and sock yarn have in common.

They both need saving, is what!


I signed!
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