Sunday, November 18, 2007

Film at 11

Here are the promised photos of Baby Rowan. He's a tiny little guy, so I have cast on another sweater, His Size. I suspect that he'll get a week's wear out of it, which will be fine, because he can graduate directly to the others I made for him.

That's the Other Half with me. Older Son played the charm card and got both of us in the NICU at the same time for a hold of the bambino.

He's tiny. And strong. Like bull. And stuborn. Like his dad. Or a bull.

Here's a close up.

He had a really rough entrance.

Tried to come into the world ear-first. Ouch.

This picture is at about 36 hours.

Picture of him immediately after birth would get someone arrested. Think Rocky. Balboa. After Apollo. Creed.

And for perspective. My thumbnail and his ear are the same size.

And the good news is, he's home.

And the bad news is, so am I.


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But he's adorable, and he's going to get lots of grandma lovin', I can tell!

When are you going back, grandma?
What a cutie pie!!!
He's lovely! Congrats to all.
An absolutely perfect little baby! I'm glad you are taking every opportunity to love him up!!!
Awwww, what a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations! You are going to have quite the love affair with that little fella...
Aww, so tiny and totally mesmerizing. Congratulations to all.
Congrats for your little grandson, Ann! He looks just perfect and peaceful.
He's just precious! May he always be healthy and happy.
Congratulations! He's absolutely beautiful.
What a beautiful baby. You're one lucky Gramma.
Welcome to the wee lil one. :) I'm sure he will be one very well dressed little man.
Ear first? Ouch! But he is soooo cute.
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