Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Couple of FOs

The Younger Kid and I both survived the shopping trip and his new furniture will be delivered tomorrow.

Of course, a trip in the car required a small amount of conversation along the lines of, "I need to get some bibs or a little hat or something. . .baby gift."

Upon hearing who the happy parents are, I offered a trip to the Shoppe of Mom which was accepted.

Of course, there's nothing suitable in the Shoppe at the moment seeing as how the Older Kid's Baby's shower last weekend cleaned me out but good of Boy Things.

Being a good Shoppekeeper, I threw some leftobers together and voila, there was suddenly 24 hours later, a little hat (you've seen the pattern here before) and a pair of mitts.

I believe that I had better stockpile some of these in a variety of colors. The population, she is exploding!

And in episodes of Car Knitting, I have managed to finish 2 hats. Red Heart Classic "Spice" on the left and "Mexicali" (I think that may be derogatory) on the right.

I've already mailed to Ship Support this month so these will either be held until January, or will go in the Warm Up Box.

There are no movie reviews. (Haven't been for several weeks, do you miss them?) We're trying to catch up on TiVo.

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Not to worry, Ann. The name for your hat is not offensive. In fact, I know a lot of people here on the border who'd love to wear it (viva la raza!) if it weren't still so dang hot!! ;-)
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