Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another Drive-by Post

I've started the 2007 Scrapghan. This one is for the Warm-Up Box for the Reservation.

As with all of them, I started with a cast on of 8 stitches on 4 dpns. Move two stitches to each of 4 needles, join and knit one round.

Increase at each end of each needle every other round. Throw in a purl round for texture or a k2tog/yo round for laciness (I'm not doing this on this one), change colors at will (stagger the changes).

Switch to circs when the dpns are crowded.

I am using 10.5s and two strands. One strand is white baby weight ack. The other is a combo of various odds and ends, mostly worsted weight, including all of the machine washable yarns from my Elann "sample" skeins.

Scissors for scale.

I can get a couple of rounds out of each of them. They add some interest.

And now, I'm heading out the door to go furniture shopping with the Younger Kid. Pray for me.

Shopping with him is never a good experience. He's a Guy Shopper: Get In, Get It, Get Out. I hope that we don't come to blows.

I am flattered that he asked me to help. (I have years of experience in furniture--first job out of college, for 6.5 years before "retiring" to have and raise children.) We've measured and drawn the room to scale. We know what will fit. I suggested moving the TV, but some things are sacred.

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