Saturday, October 20, 2007

Coming and Going

You know those weeks when you meet yourself coming and going? Yeh, one of those! But in 12 hours, it will all be just a fleeting memory.

Tonight is our Empty Bowls dinner at the warehouse. We are commemorating 25 years in the fight to end hunger. The one that was supposed to be won (or nearly so) by now.

We won't go into the policies that are making it harder and harder every day to fight the good fight.

Also in the category of "coming and going" (or vice versa) is this wonderful wooly sweater that I made for the Other Half shortly after we moved here. The yarn was purchased on a "day trip" to Lambertville, NJ/New Hope, PA. He picked it. I picked the pattern. He wore it a lot.

But it got stretched out, and he got ::gasp:: thinner, and despite an attempt to shrink it just a little bit, it's still too big (too wide, actually).

So I figured that I could frog it back to balls of yarn, re-ball it, and make something new!

The yarn still is the "property" of the Other Half, so I guess I won't be making something for me.


It would make a great cardigan.

Here's the pile of new balls of old wool.

I used my ball winder to make cakes and now, I need to clean up the massive quantities of lint, dust, and fluff that are everywhere.

Before anyone asks, I did nothing to un-kink the yarn. No washing (I know it's clean--see above for sad tale of attempted shrinkage), no weighting. I didn't even frog it to my swift first.

I figure that the final wash and block will get rid of most of the kinks. I'll keep you posted.

And since my odd ball basket is full to overflowing again, I cast on 305 stitches onto my very l-o-n-g 10.5 Addis and started. . .

Well, I have the center stitch marked and I am debating with myself.

This will be either another mitered square baby blankie/lap robe for the Reservation, or a very l-o-n-g scarf for Covenant House in NOLA.

I have about 50 more stitches before I need to decide :eep:

The colors would be fine for a baby or a nearly grown up.

I'll keep you posted.

Update: It's going to be a blankie. So there!

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Knitting for charity is so cool.

I love the way you repurposed that yarn. I can't wait to see what it becomes. But it must be so hard to unravel all that hard work!
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