Saturday, May 05, 2007

The State of Education

I just read the periodic newsletter from our school district. Here's a sample from the article written by the assistant principal of our local high school:

"The laughter was throughout the rehearsal as well as the production of "The Wiz". The cast and crew could regal you for hours of funny things that occurred during pre-production and the truly hilarious that occurred during production."


"(That is an extremely over simplified version of almost 60 or more hour's worth of work.)"

And that, dear friends, is the state of education where I live. I could not possibly make this up!

I am seriously considering mailing my copy to the superintendent and asking if he (or anyone)edits reads this before it's mailed to 5000 households. If I got something like that from a charity I support, I'd reconsider my giving. I don't have that option with the school district!

(And before I get lots of comments about the state of my own editing, I would like to point out that 1) I am not paid to blog, and 2) I am not using tax dollars to reach my audience.

And in Knitting News:

This month, car knitting has been afghan squares for Ship Suport. I'm using red, white, and blue and going for a patriotic theme.

I'll work on these through May (you're looking at April's) before mailing them off to be joined to other folk's squares.

Squares are "of my own design," 7" square, and made from Red Heart Classic.

The Heart Blankie took a trip to the Frog Pond.

I love the pattern and the color, but this yarn (Encore worsted weight) at that gauge (5 stitches to the inch) just wasn't cutting it for me. I'll try again in bigger needles.

I plan to use the same pattern, though.

This yarn is Encore (acrylic/wool blend).

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It DOES really raise one's eyebrows when our educators can't seem to write any better than that, doesn't it?

Sigh, I think I need to get going on squares for Ships again! Yours are going to need some "friends".
I too am appalled at the ineptitude of syntax and spelling in the missives from so-called educators that occasionally cross my desk. Luckily I know most of them personally so I know that, although their writing sucks, they are actually pretty good at their jobs. Which luckily don't happen to involve teaching English. (The stuff from the English teacher is always flawless, thank FSM.)
By ALL means, respond to the supt. and it would be even more embarrassing and noteworthy to circle all mistakes in RED. Just bleed all over that piece of waste paper.
Or you could highlight all the errors and send it to the newspaper for publication...
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