Monday, May 07, 2007

Springtime in the East

Qwiet, we're hunting wabbits!

On the other side of the bush: a fence.

On the other side of the fence: Wabbits (and woofies).

We stay on our side, they stay on their side.

I promise that these are the last tulip photos.

Spring is doing its usual thing: nice and springlike one day, hot as blazes the next.

I wish that they could stay around all summer!

Okay, this really is the last tulip shot of 2007.


We have yarn barf! It's a good thing, though. I've cracked into the second ball of Encore.

If my calculations are correct, I will need this one and 3 more, leaving 5 balls to make into Something Else.

(Thinking: one of the categories is Baby Blanket (check), sweater, and cap.)


Okay, I have completed 2 repeats in 3 days/nights.

Now, granted, they were weekend days (mostly) which means I could put more time in to them. I figure that row takes me about 7 minutes. (yes, I timed it.)

The whole blankie is 288 rows, so it will take a bit more than 33.5 hours to knit up. At an hour a day, I'd be looking at June 7 for completion. But wait.

There was this weekend's jump-start. I've finished 64 rows (7.4 hours by my calculations--are you still with me?) so I have about 26 hours left, and assuming that I can get in an equal amount of time on the upcoming weekends (I'm dreaming) that puts completion at around the 22nd of May or thereabouts.

Forget that!

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And now I have The Barber of Seville as performed by Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd playing in my head. Thank you.
Those tulips are gorgeous. Since the house is new (to us) there aren't any here and I miss that sign of spring.
Where can I find the pattern for the baby blanket with hearts?
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