Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Short and To the Point

Since I know that you wait breathlessly for my posts, I'll update on progress. There are no photos tonight, so stop looking

I've knitted 18 more rows on the heart blankie, which puts me at 102 rows (35%) left to knit.

The new car knitting is slippers.

There has been no progress on the quilt-knit (I haven't touched it in days!), though I am at least fairly certain that the finished size will be about 40" X 40" or a hair larger.

In wildlife news: There is a baby bird! Indeed. Only one. And Sparky is fascinated. It is a r o b i n and she is a c a t. I hold out no hope that they will become lifelong friends, so their playdates are well supervised.

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Just found your blog by way of Rabbitch by way of Christa Knits podcast...Love the Bush countdown!! He was my governor. Couldn't believe we gave him the other 49 states after seeing what he did to just one. But, hey, it's just fuzzy math...Count me in for the mittnz - knitting (on wood needles only) is the best way to pass time on trans-Atlantic flights.
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